A third front row seat

And again this is a topic, which may seem a bit strange to someone who is not familiar with german TüV -
and german laws of how to make modifications of your car road legal.

I intend to replace the cubby-box by a third seat.
But a seat different from the original one. A seat WITH head rest and a 3 point inertia belt.

This require some talks to the local TüV-engineers, and a lot of good-will ;-)
I will not go into detail about this "german" topic, just give you some pictures as the modification progresses,
and hopefully report aount the TüVs' approval...

Update, 12th January 2010:

Some more picture & info:








Seat is installed.
(Exmoor: EX9760)









The belt not quite installed, I'm waiting for some parts I ordered last week.





(Exmoor EX294)







Fixing the seat...

Update January 15th, 2010:
Two 6mm steel-plates, zink-plated, will serve as basis for the anchor point of the belt.


Made by the local metal worker according to my specifications.

Update February, 2th:
Seat and belt are TüV tested & approved:

Update February 6th 2010:
Mounting of the 3rd point of the seat belt, from drivers cabin:

And from the rear:

Note, February 7th 2010:
- Yes, the belt is mounted angular.
There are two buttons to "correct" the mounting angles horizontally and vertically.
- The piece of metal in U-shape right to the belt has nothing to fo with the belt ;-)
It is used for Mountainbike transportation.

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