Chip-Tuning - yes and no ?!?
This discussion was made on many occasions.

I decided for chip-tuning for two reasons:
1. My driving-manner is rather relaxed (even with Chip -Tuning). With the Defender, but also with my second car, a Golf IV,TDI with 150BHP [WITHOUT Chip]!
I drove this Golf for 115000 kilometers (approx. 71500miles) now, with an average consumption of 49 mpg - despite ca. 60% RME-Usage.
(During summertime; normally they say that the average consumption with RME-Diesel is 10% above the standard.).

Now this was the basis for my decision: It's better to have more power and to use that rarely  -
that less power, which has to be used constantly.
Which chip to install: Well, this question was answered quite quickly. Against a famous UK-based tuning specialist, and against a specialist near Cologne, Germany.
This is for people, how REALLY need maximum power.
I trusted a mechanic, who previously had done the maintenance-job on my MINI-Cooper. He had some good experience with this particular tuning-chip -
and made a  good price.
Chances to the car-certificates were done by myself at the TÜV (similar  to the english MOT)

2. The TD5-Engine of the Defenders, coming from LR with 122BHP -has 139BHP in the old Discovery. With the same gearbox.
So engine and gearbox should be able to handle the increased power and torque.

Lessons learned:
I can recommend this tuning. In low revs the Defender accelerates much better..
The important acceleration from  50/55 to 70/75 mph to overtake a lorry  - is done quick!
Increased consumption: No!

Update: 30. March 2005:
Winter is gone, and I made some experience during the lower temperatures.
My judgement is unchanged: The Defender is great fun!
Without usage of the preheater the average consumption is down to approx. 29mpg!
Bur again: The main influence on the consumption the driver's right foot!

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