Aluminium outside

Almost ALL Defenders have these things.
Good looking or not - this isn't the question.
At least not for me ;-)

They are useful!
For taking photos!
( I can "walk" on the wings now = stand on top of the car when taking photos!)


This modification is perfected by adding the stainless-steal air intake cover
(On LHD Defenders the right cover is on the air intake. The left one is just a dead-end opening)

The front bumper has got some small pieces of alloy to step on ...


This is how it look like now!

The new cover for the cooling (did I mention it??) with an old LandRover-Badge and a lot of aluminium ...


Even on the bottom of both sides!


But this is more or less just a good looking gimmick. Not really made for off-the-road-usage ...
If you look closer, you'll notice that these things were made for SWs, not for the HT...




A view from the back
To have a equal look all around, it is covered by some alloy as well.
Rust protected, of course.


August 2005:
The bonnet ...

A look from the outside.

from the inside.
To strengthen the bonnet, a 4mm piece of aluminium, connected to the top.

These three bolts are just placed there to cover the holes.
They can be replaced by really long bolts which can holt the spare-wheel

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