Androide versus Defender

A short summary of my experiences during and after the installation of an Android based radio.

The conclusion at the very beginning:
- A solid radio, good reception and very quick response when changing stations.
- Good an reliable GPS-Reception. Bavigation is, of course, depending on the program you use.
- Good video-playback, screen-resolution is more than okay.
- Plenty of I/O.

But installation is a bit tricky...
Fitting into the dahboard is quite "normal":
- Unplug the radio and all attached equipment.
- Position the mounting frame
- Connect new radio, plug in new equipment & antennas. Done.

Well, almost.
This is a computer, beeing installed. And each and every computer, new computer, needs ... updates?

In this case quite unusual for me, I didn't expect this: A first test-run of the device revealed some issues with the google API concerning the "Playstore". I had no access at all!
Trail and error lead to flashing the firmware / the OS.
And it solved the problem.


Now for the different antennas und external ports:

The PGS-Mouse. Shown here in front of the backup-system display.

4G-Antennas on both sides of the dashboard

Two USB-ports belowe the radio.

Well, almost.

Some customisation to the UI, some additional programs:

Different Launcher.

Different Music-Player.



RC on the steering-wheel. Powered by button cells, wireless connection.

For online-navigation and distractions during (long) traffic jams:
There is a slot for SIM-cards!
Important notice: You have to disable the check for the PIN-code in order to use a SIM-card in this kind of Android-Radio. Easiest (and only?) way is to use an old Smartphone.



What's next
- Connect a backup-camera!
I do have a wireless camera, but it seems to be incompatible.

- Wipe the dust!!!


 Update June 2022:


Update 2,June 2022:

9 months later:
Installation / wiring the camera was easy.
SW-setting was not ...


The monitor: