The Bed

The Bed. This is a simple, but good constraction:
Two little bracket are fixed to the alloy plates on the left side.
These bracket hold a square-shaped timber, which with a few bolts (The whole bed can be removed within minutes).
Some black coloures tape gives a better look.
Two 6,1ft x 1.5ft (186x45cm) wood plates fixed via hinges - and it looks like this:

When unfolded, the bed rests on to (alloy) boxes. (On the picture above NOT installed) 
When folded, the bed is fixed by two threaded bolts on the alloy plates left.

Self-locking nuts screwed on the bolt keep the wood plates in position.

The blue coating is done with self-adhesive plates of felt.

A THICK air bed inflated with a electric air pump.
My car is my castle!