A key argument for the 110HT was,  that I intended to carry my MTB
The conversion in the back was made by a local mechanic:

A piece of metal in U-shape to the front will keep the front wheel of the MTB in position.


The MTB-mount on the right side of the car.
The open end is used to fix the MTBs-frame.


I can alter the length of this MTB-mount.



What can not be seen on the pictures:
There is a large peace of 4mm metal behind the aluminium plate.
4 holes drilled through the alloy plate and the 4mm metal.
Screw threads in all four holes - and the MTB-mount bolted.

This is how it looks like when the MTB is carried in the back of the car.
(During my summer holidays in Scotland 2003)

Update 20/06/2009:
With two bikes...