30mm Wheel Spacers ALUMINIUM






   'n' after.

Okay, I've know all the comments about wheel spacers.

If there wasn't this bolt:

Which helps you to reduce your turning ratio!
The big arrow points to the bolt, the smaller to the nut which keeps it in position.

All you got to do is to untighten the nut, turn out the bolt just as much as possible to allow the wheel to turn without
conntacting any part of the cars' body - and tighten the nut again.


- - -

The installation of the wheel spacers is described on the following sheets.
It's not a difficult job to do, but hard work!
You have to lift up the car four times, get the wheel down (approx 35kg each), install the spacer and get the wheel back on.

A couple of days alter the same job again to check all the bolts.


Update, 30.March 2005:

How did I manage without these things?
The handling of the car is now like ... a CAR. No steamboat-like behaviour anymore ;-)

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