Aluminium inside

From the very beginning I was sure, that the back of the car needs some attention. I shouldn't be left "naked" as it was.
Especially transportation of the Moutainbike requires a back, which is functional AND easy to clean.
Aluminium to both sides and the floor was a consequence...
But I needed the changes made to the car to be flexible. MTB-Transportation, Sleeping in the car, transportation of B I G cargo etc.

All the work itself was done by a local mechanic.

I got the car back looking like this:

Quiet obviously you can see the  hook for the bike and the  Bed;-)

Additional details on this project:
Behind the big, big pieces of alloy there is some material for sound-proofing. It's also helpful against heat and/or cold.
Only three big pieces of aluminium have been used: One for each side, one for the floor.

Extra care had to be taken on the right back side of the car, where the fuel-system needs some space:

Bit by bit I made further changes (despite the roof, I'll describe that separately)
Some hooks on the right hand side (hardly to be seen on this pic)...

A real big step towards multi-usability was this system, installed inside both sides of the car:

Highly flexible, used to fix any kind of cargo.

The mountings on this picture are only an example.
With special bolts I already  used this system to put up a washing-line in a zick-zack-shape. GOOD to dry your clothes!!!

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